Hotel History

Cricklade House was originally known as Common Hill House and was built around 1920 by Major Rice. This was a private house for major Methuen and in the early 1930's, it was extended with all the building materials being provided by Hammond's garage.

By 1935, the year of King George V and Queen mary's Silver Jubilee, it was owned by Major Bonn. he was a tall German man and between himself and his wife, they hosted a town bonfire to celebrate the occasion. On entering the drive to the house, there were two eagles on the gateposts, which were a striking feature during their ownership. The eagles were made of lead and painted gold, they are believed to have been melted down during the Second World War.

Major Bonn left in 1943 and the house was purchased by Swindon Corporation. It was left to stand empty during the war and a gardener/caretaker was employed to maintain the property.

In 1946, it was reopened for unmarried mothers from the Swindon area.

In the 1950's it became a nursing home. During this time Mrs Burge was the Matron. Mr and Mrs Burge along with their family lived in the home until it was sold in 1963/1964.

Major Patherick purchased the property and it became his private home. He then sold it in 1969 to the Bice family.

The Bice family converted the property into a private hotel and country club which had seven bedrooms and an attic rom. The family designed and added a nine-hole golf course and an outdoor swimming pool. The local community were encouraged to come and use the pool for a fee. Then in 1978, the family sold the property to Mr Charles Adams.

Mr Adams did some of the renovation work to the building, such as installing central heating, adding chimneys and re-wiring. The hotel lost a number of regular customers as Mr Adams tried to base along the lines of a London Gentleman's Club.

In 1980, Mr Adams sold the hotel to Mr Colin Smith. He bought more land with a view to making major changes to the hotel and grounds. These included filling in the outdoor swimming pool and converting the stables and outbuildings into 21 bedrooms, now known as the Courtyard.

In 1987, the leisure facilities were added as well as the function room. This replaced the previous first floor function room, now converted to rooms 28, 29, 31 and the Study. This function room had its own bar, now room 31, and an auxiliary kitchen, now Suite 88. New kitchens were built to the rear of the property and the restaurant was relocated to its current postion from the Library.

In 1989, Mr Smith and our former gold professional Ian Bolt re-designed the golf course. The Victorian styles conservatory was added in 1990, offering views to the Marlborogh Downs.

Early in 1999, Mr Smith sold the hotel to the Dunn family who owned the hotel for just over ten years.

On 16th August 2010 the hotel was sold to Ambienza Hotels, adding Cricklade Hotel to their portfolio of Cotswolds 88 Hotel in Painswick and Chateau du Sanse in the South of France. Ambienza planned to refurbish the hotel offering traditional comfort in tasteful modern surroundings.

In December 2017, the hotel was bought by Purico (a family run company), who have a £1.5 million refurbishment planned for the hotel over the next few years, so watch this space to see the next chapter in The Cricklade House story.

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